Dash Camera Solutions for Auto Dealers and Vehicle Manufacturers

Transform your test drives into a powerful sales tool with our dash camera

Test drives are a critical factor in converting customers. However till recently, there was no way of knowing if a test drive is being conducted optimally. Installing our dash camera can transform the test drive into a powerful selling experience.


  • Performance Snapshot

    Know important facts instantly. How many test drives were conducted each day? where are they happening? what is the average duration? who were the attendees? what days of the week see heavy requests? and many more. Use this information to improve the quantity and quality of the test drive and plan your vehicles and employee schedules accordingly.

  • Employee Motivation & Training

    Dash camera provide a secure environment for your female employees. It's also a wonderful tool for providing training inputs to your team, especially to bring recent hires up to speed on best practices. Use the data to understand recurring patterns and train employees to reduce idle time and optimize vehicle use.

  • Interaction Analysis

    Get insights about the quality of the test drive. Was the test drive taken for the stipulated time? Did it follow the defined path? Was the environment inside the vehicle conducive for a comfortable drive? What was the seating dynamics? What was the quality of conversation? Were the questions or doubts raised by the customers answered adequately? How positive was the customer post the test drive?

  • Consumer Understanding

    Dash camera provides a rich lode of information about your customer's interest level and propensity to purchase. Hear first hand from your customer on the vehicle performance and how it compares with competition. Get to know the triggers to convert potential customers and provide valuable feedback to the OEM enabling them to improve their product.

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