Geographic Information Systems: The Secret Behind Successful Marketing Activities

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities with our GIS solutions

Information is crucial to planning effective marketing activities. Our GIS enabled solutions provides you with strategic information at such granular levels that include, villages, tehsils, down to streets and locations. Know where your customers are and how densely stacked the competition is. With our information on your side, you can make it happen.


    Customer Density

    Visualize your customer density with interactive heat maps. Identify regions and areas where your customers are and focus your efforts there for maximum returns.

    Competitor Mapping

    Know the competition presence in your vicinity or in any of your pre-defined areas and fine-tune your marketing activities to stay ahead of them.

    District/Tehsil/Ward/Village Priority Index

    Micromanage your business at the sub-district/pin code/village levels. Plot all business relevant information layers e.g. demographics, vehicle sales, dealer presence etc. at multiple levels so that you can prioritize your marketing efforts for best gains.

    Channel Support

    Identify villages, districts, tehsils and markets that come under the jurisdiction of each of your dealership outlets and develop specific activities to tackle the opportunities that arise. Plot customer walk-ins / business per dealership and accordingly plan for new channel partners wherever required.

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