Mobile Cloud Based Dash Camera For Car and Vehicles

Invest in a dash camera for your car and secure your journey

Sovereign Solutions presents mobile cloud based dash camera for car and vehicle. Get continuous live streaming of inside and outside your vehicle. Our dash camera for car front and rear is a first-of-its-kind car security camera that captures everything that is happening in your vehicle including, front and rear, inside and outside the car, which can be viewed from any part of the world. It also helps in locating the car on a real-time basis with the in-built GPS tracker system. Sovereign Solutions is a dash camera company, renowned for its products and solutions. Dash cameras from Sovereign Solutions are an ideal solution to enhance security and safety of your vehicle. Our Geographical Information based dash camera for car front and rear, helps in improving efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. Our dash camera for car in India is especially relevant because safe transport on roads is a challenge for many developing countries. Countries have invested in technologies which are based on RFID, GPS and GPRS to track vehicle over-speeding and driver driving time. But the challenge is that RFID technology is outdated to establish driver identity and a call centre interface which does not get intelligent alerts is limited in its effectiveness. GIS based dash camera for car front and rear from the Sovereign Solutions a dash camera company, addresses the above challenges by using face recognition technology built on GIS platform to identify the correct driver for the correct vehicle. We provide dash cameras for cars in India and have helped organisations leverage their large field force effectively through the monitoring of adherence to standard operating process by the implementation of our cloud-based dash camera solutions. The desktop-based system at the command centre is provided with a facility to view multiple live feeds simultaneously. Dashboards and business intelligence tools capability further help in analysis and reports creation. The images and videos will be hosted on the server. Secure the safety of your employees with our dash camera for car front and rear and watch your business flourish! In the tumultuous times of today, employees are constantly at risk. Especially those who are at the frontline of your business. Now you can set their minds at ease by securing them with our dash camera for car India. As a dash camera company, we have taken care that with its unique features, our dash cameras for cars in India, ensure that your employee is always under your watchful eye and kept abreast of every situation. Because a secure employee is a loyal one which is the bedrock of every successful business. Transform your test drives into a powerful sales tool with our dash camera for car India. Test drives are a critical factor in converting customers. However, till recently there was no way of knowing if a test drive is being conducted optimally. Installing our dash camera for car front and rear can transform the test drive into a powerful selling experience. Watch over your female employees when they travel alone with our dash cameras for car front and rear. Ensuring the safety and security of employees is of paramount importance to every organization. Especially female employees, who often have to travel in company vehicles at odd hours. In today's environment, nothing can be taken for granted or left to chance. As a dash camera company, our dash camera for car India is provided with 24x7 vehicle monitoring, continuous video recording even without internet, multi-camera view and live streaming of inside and outside of the car from anywhere, anytime, our dash camera for car front and rear ensures your vehicle will never be hidden from your view and your employee always in your protective care. As a dash camera company, our dash cameras are suitable for all personal vehicles, buses, taxis, trucks etc. Benefits of our dash camera for car front and rear include the following, our dash cameras possess built-in super capacitor offers additional power supply and ensures video is well stored during critical moments. Our dash cameras are easy to install and dismount. Their small size does not affect the driver’s line of sight. Dash cameras from Sovereign Solutions simultaneously records the car’s interior and exterior conditions. It records driving conditions and displays time and date on the screen. Files are backed up on the cloud, allowing video playback and GPS playback. Unique aspects of Sovereign Solutions dash camera for car India include, face recognition, cloud monitoring, front camera, back camera and dual display. Applications of Sovereign Solution dash camera for car front and rear, cover a wide array of vehicle types and areas such as postal service, logistics, school buses, police, ride hailing, ambulances, bank vehicles and OEMs.


  • Recording

    Provides continuous recording to help enhance compliance, reduce liability and drive better customer experiences.

  • Video Telecast

    During critical moments for better situation awareness of what happened or what is going on.

  • Facial Recognition

    Identifying the unintended driver.

  • Attendance

    Attendance of the person with location and time stamp.

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