Improve Efficiencies Of Your Fleet

Fleet management solutions provides greater productivity, reduces costs and increases operational efficiency

Sovereign Solutions is a fleet management solutions provider. Our fleet management solutions make fleets efficient, productive and faster. Our world-class fleet management software system enables enterprises with varied fleet sizes to achieve business excellence in a timely & cost-effective manner while ensuring safety of drivers and vehicles. Our fleet management solutions provide businesses with an opportunity to increase their profits by 30 percent. Fleet management solutions from Sovereign Solutions, a fleet management solutions provider, is a unique tool that can enable organizations maximize profits. Fleet management software from fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions, come packed with a whole array of unique features that help increase an organization's operational revenue. Our fleet management solutions improve earnings through features that reduce idle time, prevent misuse, provide for two-way communication between the command centre and drivers and also improve driving efficiencies by capturing the routes travelled. Another set of features of our fleet management software ensure costs are reduced. These features include continuous video recording and live-streaming from inside and outside the vehicle. Geo-fencing ensures vehicles travel within defined boundaries and over-speeding alerts reduce the risk of accidents. These features are unique to fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions. Our fleet management solutions increase revenue. 24x7 vehicle monitoring reduces idle time, increasing earning. Face recognition ensures only your driver drives your vehicle, for your revenue. Two-way communication enables more control and more income for you. Route playback improves efficiencies by simulating driver routes. Our fleet management software decreases costs too. Continuous video recording reduces pilferage and reduces cost. Live streaming inside and outside ensures higher security and lower expense. Geo-fencing defines vehicle boundaries and cuts outflows. Over speeding alerts prevents accidents thereby saving time and money. With our fleet management solutions, get to know what’s happening anywhere and everywhere, that matters to you. Know the resources at your disposal and understand what actions have been taken and what can be taken. Gain an instantaneous perspective that’s exhaustive and detailed. Plot, track and run your business profitably with our fleet management software. Organizations can also unlock huge business potential with Sovereign Solutions, the world’s premier fleet management solutions provider. Our fleet management solutions provide invaluable data for planners to develop strategically advantageous business insights. Our all-encompassing fleet management software can help you map your business assets, factories, warehouses, distributors, human resources, outlets and delivery routes and gain unique perspectives on how to utilize them optimally. With tools from fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions, develop your strategies in real-time and make instantaneous changes during roll-out. Eliminate information lag and sequential planning. When information is multi-fold and multi-dimensional, there’s no reason your profits too shouldn’t multiply.


  • Real time vehicle tracking

    Our fleet management software provides vehicle live tracking with Centralized Fleet Management.

  • Driver recognition from the world’s premier fleet management solutions provider

    Get smart alerts based on facial recognition for unidentified driver driving your vehicle.

  • Driver's Geo tagged attendance

    Get driver attendance with location and time stamp with our fleet management solutions.

  • Fleet management software that provides route optimization

    Highly intelligent algorithm to optimize transportation route.

  • Geo-fencing alerts

    Define your geographical boundaries and receive notifications whenever activities outside predefined areas take place from the trusted fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions.

  • Speed alerts

    Get alerts when your driver exceeds the pre-defined speed limits on our fleet management software.

  • Video & GPS Playback

    Video & GPS playback of any camera from anywhere. Continuous video recording even during an internet connection loss provided by our fleet management solutions.

  • Business monitoring provided by fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions

    Graphical dashboards representation of KPIs like on-time performance, cost/km, financial reporting etc.

  • GIS mapping using our fleet management software

    Mapping Hubs/ warehouse/Customers/ Fuel refilling stations etc.

  • Fleet maintenance made easy through our fleet management solutions

    Monitoring periodic maintenance schedule of vehicles.

  • GIS core framework

    Framework that offers full support to all type of GIS data. Implements functions, problems solver and methods to process, quickly by a respected fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions.

  • Memory database

    The database of our fleet management solutions has full integration with GIS core framework. Provides high speed process, load and stability.

  • Search engine

    The full-text search engine, supports multiple languages on our fleet management software.

  • Image/video recognition engine

    Engine built with AI technology, can learn and provide many of function to recognition by fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions.

  • Distributed file system

    Combines hardware management and software low level operation system to support high availability and scalability for storage files on our fleet management software.

  • Big data engine of our fleet management solutions

    The engine can support big data, can work with GIS data. High availability, scalability and supports real-time processing.

  • Multi-device play enabled by fleet management solutions provider, Sovereign Solutions

    The technology can be seamlessly interfaced with existing systems through existing devices.

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