Business Alerts & Reminders So You Never Miss An Opportunity

A simple and timely alert can make a HUGE difference to your business

Business is all about timing and chance. The difference between success and failure in business is knowing where opportunities lie and when to tap them. But what if you had access to a solution that alerts you whenever an opportunity passes by? Presenting BUSINESS MULTIPLIER from Sovereign Solution. An intelligence system that keeps track of your entire business movement and sends you reminders and alerts at the most opportune moments to help you grow rapidly.


    Business Reminders

    Be informed of business prospects and leads around you, whenever you are traveling. For example, get to know if there are channel partners in your vicinity, whom you have not contacted for some time. Because when you’re never out of sight and mind, you’re in business!

    Business Alerts

    Killing two birds with one stone is now possible! Our timely alerts update your team about recent developments. So, if a new customer pops up in the vicinity of the team, they’re instantly informed. This is especially useful when payments need to be collected. Team members on collection duty can be notified when another in the neighborhood is ready for pickup, thus saving time, money and effort.

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