Build Your Own Agile, Adaptive and Disruption-Proof Intelligence System

Is your dependence on others for business intelligence, making you vulnerable?

Businesses today have to thrive in an environment of constant disruption. Where new alliances are forged and new paths taken, at breakneck speeds. In such an environment, organizations are under tremendous pressure to gather authentic information from various partners and independent associates. High channel attrition rates, employee churn, technology obsolescence and partnership flux make intelligence-management difficult, expensive and exhausting for most companies. Sovereign Solutions has designed a unique solution that helps organizations overcome all such operational challenges and own a powerful intelligence system that is flexible yet independent of the travails of modern business.


  • Access-control

    At the press of a button, you can add new partners, employees or freelancers to your system and with the same ease, switch them off when your association ends.

  • Tracking

    Keep an eye on projects and developments you are associated with on a regular basis. Know their progress from any location, simply through our dashboard.

  • Build efficiencies

    Get to know the exact positions of your logistics, sales teams, partners and their staff, in depth. Convert this knowledge into business strategies that can transform your operational efficiencies significantly.

  • Media rich

    Our solution supports and stores images, videos and alpha-numeric data, collected at streel level. This information can be routinely, amended and edited based on the changing ground realities. Thus, decision makers at regional and head offices receive updated information, laced with uniquely local flavors.

  • Authenticate reports

    Our solution can record and store the activities of all your business associates and employees making it simple and easy for you to verify actions and approve reports or claims.

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