Data Collector Tool: Empowering SMEs

Transform your field force into an intelligence force with our DATA-COLLECTOR tool

Intelligence exists at every level of an organization, especially with the field force, who comb the length and breadth of their territories. However, gathering their collective intelligence and presenting it in a useful form is time-consuming and expensive. Not anymore. Presenting the DATA COLLECTOR tool from Sovereign Solutions. This is an easy to deploy and use tool, that provides you with extremely granular intelligence, across territories, instantly.



    The press of a few buttons is all it takes for information to be collected. So easy, that even your delivery person can manage it, on the fly.


    Can be tailored to suit the needs of your particular industry and functionality.

    Navigation tool

    This doubles up as a navigation tool that assists the field force in locating destinations, thereby drastically improving operational efficiencies.


    The tool continues capturing data even in no coverage areas, auto-uploading it when the user returns to a coverage area.

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