Skedulomatic Field Force Solution

The fitness tracker for your field force!

Just like how fitness trackers keep us on track with our fitness goals, Skedulomatic field force solution helps field forces work efficiently and productively. It helps them plan better, prioritize jobs, and takes care of all mundane and non-core tasks. Thereby enabling your field force to perform at their optimal.


  • Geo Tagged Attendance

    Get employee's attendance with accurate location & time of punch in/out

  • People Monitoring

    Get real-time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field

  • GIS Mapping

    View nearby competitors, customers & other POIs

  • Travel Salesman Problem

    Plan the team beat routes in advance and save time in the field

  • Daily Visit Report

    Graphically analyse the daily visit reports/ minutes of meetings

  • Authenticate Reports

    Our solution can record and store the activities of all field force team members making it simple and easy for you to verify actions and approve reports or claims

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