Network Management Solutions

The 3 Cs of Business Success

Locate your target CUSTOMERS, build your distribution CHANNEL and track activities of your COMPETITORS with our Network Management Solutions. Customer, channel and competition. These 3 factors are the key to business success. However, given the geographic size, spread and complexity of the country, managing them is an extremely complex task that few organizations have mastered. Presenting Network Management Solutions from Sovereign Solutions. Get real-time information about markets with high potential, identify competitor activities and find out where to focus your distribution efforts. All of this from your screen and at the touch of a button. Getting critical business intelligence was never easier or simpler.


  • Customer Density

    Visualise the customer density of a region with interactive heat maps

  • Identify Whitespaces

    Get to know which areas hold the maximum potential for network expansion

  • Competitor Mapping

    Know your competitor presence in your vicinity/within your Indian administrative boundaries or any of your pre-defined areas

  • Network Mapping

    Plot existing business locations on a map

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