Skedulomatic Worker Nearby

Skedulomatic Field Force Solution

Assigned executive can’t make it to the service call? The "Worker Nearby" feature on Skedulomatic enables managers to find available technicians nearby and re assign the job instantly, ensuring that the job is completed on time. Today on-time service and on-time delivery have become critical to business success. In such times, a single delay can have a cascading effect that disrupts your carefully planned business model. With our Skedumatic field force solution, you can prevent this. Know available alternatives instantly on any device and act immediately to seize the opportunity.


  • Map multiple assets

    Map all assets and know the status in real time

  • Local to the global perspective

    Get detailed as well as a bird's eye-view of the situation

  • Real-time information

    Information received is instantaneous

  • Mobile-friendly

    Receive information on the go

  • GIS mapping

    View nearby competitors, customers & other POIs

  • Geo-Tagged Attendance

    Get employee's attendance with accurate location & time of punch-in/out

  • People Monitoring

    Get real-time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field

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