Monitor Your vehicle 24x7

Safeguard your vehicles and profits with our dash cameras

Prevent pilferage and tampering of your vehicle. Dash cameras from Sovereign Solution are like your eyes and ears in your vehicles, constantly monitoring what is happening inside and outside them, 24x7. Get instant alerts if any unauthorized person is driving your vehicle or tampering with it. Get insights on your vehicle usage and passenger details. Prevent mishaps and reduce maintenance cost. Improve driver efficiency and optimize vehicle usage. Now you have the power to actually be in all your vehicles simultaneously, and yet be at home.


  • Facial Recognition

    Get smart alerts based on facial recognition about unidentified drivers driving your vehicle

  • Live Streaming Inside and Outside Vehicle

    Know exactly what's happening inside and outside your vehicles at that very moment

  • 24x7 Vehicle Monitoring

    Get information right round the clock, everyday of the year

  • Multi-camera View

    View live streaming of all your connected devices at one place

  • Continuous Video Recording

    All activity gets recorded even if vehicle is in poor network area

  • Geo-fencing

    Define your own geographical boundaries and receive notifications whenever activities outside the predefined areas take place

  • Over Speeding Alerts

    Get alerts when your driver exceeds the predefined speed limit

  • Route Playback

    Simulate the path taken by a driver over selected time frame

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