Timely Alerts To Maximize Business Opportunities

Our Business Multiplier alerts you to every opportunity

With our Business Multiplier tool, rest assured that you will not miss even a single chance to grow your business. That's because our system is built with intelligence that keeps a constant, watchful eye on your entire operations. So if ever you are in the vicinity of a potential customer or of a network partner, who you may not have contacted in a while, the Business Multiplier from Sovereign Solutions will send you a reminder instantly. With this information constantly looking out for you, be assured that you have not missed any customer or channel partner in the course of your travel. What's more, the tool will also send alerts to your field team about recent developments in the neighbourhood they are in. Therefore, if your team member is out to collect payment and another one in the vicinity gets due, your team member will instantly receive the alert, ensuring his travel and time is optimized and your business multiplies.

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