A single solution for all your field force management needs

Managing multiple field-force software, adding to your complexity?

GIS-enabled field force solutions from Sovereign Solutions provides an all-encompassing, single interface solution to manage all aspects of your field force requirements. So bid goodbye to complexity and solve all your field force needs through a single click.


  • 2X Productivity

    Monitor people, geo-tagged attendance, auto daily visit reports, travel salesman problem, GIS mapping and business intelligence reports to double the productivity of your force

  • Better Utilization of Time

    Route planning, business alerts and reminders ensure optimal utilization of every trip, thereby reducing costs significantly

  • Business Intelligence Gathering

    Our simplified tools make gathering business information so simple, that even your delivery personnel can use it to provide vital data

  • Improved Quality of Service

    Manage your entire service operation in real time from a single remote device and ensure both efficiency and speed of your service staff

  • Customer satisfaction

    A simple 3-step process of click-upload-claim empowers field personnel to immediately provide verified information, ensuring customer satisfaction

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