Field Force Management Solutions for Service Management

Know exactly which executive can respond to your customer's call

Multiple factors come into play that prevent you from giving a definitive answer to your customer’s simple question. But all of these factors link back to one reason: You don’t have sufficient information to make a commitment to the customer. With Skedulomatic you are no longer in the dark. It provides you real time information about the position and status of all your field executives, enabling you to decide who can reach the customer in how much time. So, the next time your customer asks you the question, you can give an accurate answer.


  • Fastest Possible Response

    Know which service vehicle or executive is available and closest to your needy customer instantaneously

  • Real-time Status

    Status is colour coded so you are aware which executives or service vehicles are in operation, which are not and which are idle

  • Movement History

    Understand the path taken by all or any executive or service vehicle at any point in history, get details on time spent on every job, speed charts and idle time.

  • Easily Integrated With 3rd Party Devices

    Our system is device-agnostic and can easily be integrated into your existing devices.

  • Graphic and Visual Representation

    All representation is on graphic and easy-to-read dashboards and screens, like the one above, making your experience relaxed and enjoyable.

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