Improving Efficiencies In Field Force Management

Ensure Optimal efficiency of your field force with our Field Force Management Solution

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) enabled systems provide real-time location, travel and time information about all members of the field force. With planning resources, analytics tools and performance metrics, your team can operate at its highest potential.


  • People Monitoring

    Get real-time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field

  • Geo Tagged Attendance

    Enables location identification.

  • GIS Mapping

    Improves efficiencies of the field force.

  • Travel Salesman Problem

    Get timely updates on the whereabouts of the team.

  • Reports and Business Intelligence

    Real-time information in simple and easy to read format.

  • Daily Visit Report

    Free your field force from red-tape. Get automated daily reports that are verified.

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