Have Your Field Operations Always In Your Sight

Finally a cure for business blindness!

With Skedulomatic field force solutions, you will no longer be blind to what’s happening in your field operations. With 24x7 monitoring, real-time information streaming and route planning features, you can know exactly what's happening where.


  • Track delivery in real-time

    Know exactly where your goods are. Are they on schedule? Have they been held up? Act on the information and ensure smooth operations

  • Reduce administrative hassles

    With our geo-tagged attendance feature, get employee's attendance with accurate location & time of punch in/out

  • Instant meeting updates

    Get real time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field. Graphically analyse the daily visit reports/ minutes of meetings

  • Add/Remove associates with a click

    At the press of a button, you can add new team members or associates to your system and with the same ease, switch them off when your association ends

  • Control your field operations virtually

    Plan the team beat routes in advance and save time in the field

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