Skedulomatic Field Force Solution

Ensure the quickest response to your customers calls

Earning that 5-star rating for service is entirely dependent on how fast your executive reaches the customer. To ensure this, you must be aware of the exact location of all your executives at all times. Not just that you must know which executive is free to attend to a new call and which executive is busy with another customer, on a real-time basis. Skedulomatic does all this for you. On our application, you can see who is closest and available and send that executive to the customer at the earliest, earning yourself the customer’s gratitude and a 5-star rating.


  • Fastest Possible Response

    Know which service vehicle or executive is available and closest to your needy customer instantaneously

  • Real-time Status

    Status is colour coded so you are aware which executives or service vehicles are in operation, which are not and which are idle

  • Movement History

    Understand the path taken by all or any executive or service vehicle at any point in history, get details on time spent on every job, speed charts and idle time

  • Easily Integrated With 3rd Party Devices

    Our system is device-agnostic and can easily be integrated into your existing devices

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