Complete Fleet Management Solutions

Caution! Do not settle for a fleet management solution that only tracks your fleet

Don’t end up with a fleet management system that does just one thing: track you fleet. Instead choose Sovereign Solutions fleet management system. It has a range of added benefits that will simply double the output from your fleet. Our fleet management solution automates your fleet maintenance, maps key physical assets and keeps you informed about your business too! So why take one when you can get much more!


  • Fleet Maintenance

    Monitoring periodic maintenance schedule of vehicles.

  • GIS Mapping

    Mapping Hubs/ warehouse/Customers/ Fuel refilling stations etc.

  • Business Monitoring

    Graphical dashboards representation of KPIs like on-time performance, cost/km, financial reporting etc.

  • Big Data Engine

    The engine can support big data, can work with GIS data. High availability, scalability and supports real-time processing.ost/km, financial reporting etc.

  • Multi-Device Play

    The technology can be seamlessly interfaced with existing systems through existing devices.

  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle live tracking with Centralized Fleet Management.

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