Sovereign Solutions: Products and Solutions That Enable Business Growth

Capture every business opportunity with our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enabled solutions

Know what’s happening anywhere and everywhere in your business and act on it with confidence. Sovereign Solutions is empowering young enterprises to rewrite the rules of business by transforming maps into powerhouses of information, rich with strategic insights. Gain the upper hand with our products and solutions. Sovereign Solutions has over two decades of expertise in the management of complex intelligence systems.


    Dash Camera

    Dash camera is first-of-its-kind car security camera that captures everything that is happening inside and outside the car, which can be viewed from any part of the world.

    Body Worn Camera

    Body worn camera live streams the feeds with two-way audio, visual communication between the person in the field and the command centre for speedy resolution of problems at hand.

    Field force Management Solutions

    Enables optimal efficiency of your employees. Our GIS enabled systems provide real-time location, travel and time information about all your employees.

    Fleet Management Solutions

    Our world-class fleet management system enables enterprises with varied fleet sizes to achieve business excellence in a timely & cost-effective manner while ensuring safety of drivers and vehicles.

    Network Management Solutions

    Our network management tools power business to the next level by providing an extremely granular and detailed perspective of what’s happening on ground.

    Remote Employee Management Solutions

    REMS, is an effective staff and employee management support tool. The system provides real-time information about the position of team members and the work they are doing, helping organizations to plan their work smartly and more efficiently.

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