The secret of successful marketing

Be where your CUSTOMERS are and your COMPETITORS are not

Smart marketing is about locating high potential regions with low competitor activity. Because that ensures a better probability of success and ROI on marketing expenditure. Presenting Network Management Solutions from Sovereign Solutions. Get real-time information about markets with high potential, identify competitor activities, and find out where to focus your marketing efforts. All of this from your screen and at the touch of a button. Smart marketing is at your fingertips.


  • Customer Density

    Locate high customer density areas and prioritize your marketing activities accordingly

  • New Customer Segments

    Identify untapped customers segments and markets that you hadn't considered earlier

  • Competitor Mapping

    Track competitors’ activities in your vicinity/within your Indian administrative boundaries or any of your pre-defined areas

  • Penetrate Rural Markets

    Identify areas with high potential for your products or services and plan your market entry strategies accordingly

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