Dash Camera Increases Revenue And Decreases Cost

An opportunity to increase your profits by at least 30 percent

Dash camera from Sovereign Solutions is a unique tool that can enable organizations maximize profits. Our dash cameras come packed with a whole array of unique features that help increase an organization's operational revenue. Dash camera improves earnings through features that reduce idle time, prevent misuse, provide for two-way communication between the command center and drivers and also improves driving efficiencies by capturing the routes travelled. Another set of features ensure costs are reduced. These features include continuous video recording and live-streaming from inside and outside the vehicle. Geo-fencing ensures vehicles travel within defined boundaries and over-speeding alerts reduce the risk of accidents.


    Increase Revenue

    - 24x7 vehicle monitoring: Reduce idle time, increase earning. - Face recognition: Your drivers only, for your revenue. - Two-way communication: More control, more income. - Route playback: Improve efficiencies by simulating driver routes.

    Decrease Cost

    - Continuous video recording: Reduce pilferage reduce cost. - Live streaming inside & outside: Higher security, lower expense. - Geo fencing: Define vehicle boundaries and cut outflows. - Over speeding alerts: Prevent accidents save time and money.

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