Network Management Solutions

A tool that gives you an unbeatable advantage over competition

In today’s dynamic age, change is the only constant. Success belongs to those who are one-up of the competition in the game. But keeping track of the competition is challenging even for the largest of companies. Till now. Presenting network management solution from Sovereign Solutions. Get instant updates on competitor activities, plot their distribution and assets and get notifications when required. All at the touch of a button and on the screen of your choice.


  • Network Mapping

    Plot existing business locations on a map

  • Competitor Mapping

    Know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Identify Whitespaces

    Identifying the potential areas for network expansion

  • Customer Density

    Visualise customer density with interactive heat maps

  • Administrative Layers

    Micromanage your business at subdistrict/Pincode/ village level etc.

  • Reports & Business Intelligence

    Review MIS, Performance metrics, KPIs

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